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My purpose this morning is to answer a question that I've been asked many times in recent weeks, which is this: In light of all the adversity we've faced since announcing our plans to merge with Compaq last September, why do we remain so steadfast in our commitment to pursuing this merger?Why do we still think this merger is a good deal that deserves a second look?Things like instant communication over networks, content moving over networks, whole processes being transformed by networks and networks supported by open architectures - all of which are driving a technology transformation that is much more radical and much more rapid than ever before. Digital imaging is a process of digital content creation, digital content distribution and, ultimately, at the time and place of your choosing, the transformation of digital content into physical content.The dot-com bubble may have burst, but the effect of the Internet on business and daily life is immutable. With digital imaging, you take a picture with your digital camera, and then store, manipulate and distribute those digital bits anytime and any way you want.Do we have enough scale in the organization to take on major outsourcing and support projects across multi-technology environments on a global basis? How do we preserve what is best about our company and at the same time become quicker, more agile, more customer-focused?

We all know that the technology industry is in the midst of transformation.assessing hp's capabilities And if we're going to lead in this next era in computing, we've got to keep moving in that direction.So, we began to think about our own devices through the prism of this new marketplace.When I came to HP two and a half years ago, the Board of Directors and the management team had concluded that in light of these technology advances, changing customer requirements and increasing competition, we had already begun to lose ground.The Agilent spin-off was the first step in a process of self-appraisal - a process that began with an evaluation of customer requirements and HP's ability to meet them.

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