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Another, less commonly used feature is parish optionality (sognebåndsløsning, literally "parish bond release").

If a Church member is dissatisfied with the particular vicar of his residence parish, he may choose to be served by another vicar who matches better with his Christian views, for example in a neighbouring parish.

In recent years, the percentage of Danes that are members of the church has been slowly declining, the most important reasons being immigration from non-Lutheran countries, withdrawal of some members, and a somewhat lower rate (61.5%) of Danish infants being christened.

Historically, when a parish was dominated by a conservative majority and rector, the liberal minority would often set up a voluntary congregation with their own rector - and vice versa.

Today the voluntary congregations are often a solution for people who find the idea of a free church appealing, but wish to keep some bonds to the church.

The parochial council leads the practical business of the local church and decides employment of personnel, including the vicar(s).

The vicar is subordinate to the council, except in spiritual matters such as conducting church services and pastoral care.

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Historically, there is a contrast between a liberal current inspired by N. These tensions have sometimes threatened to divide the Church.

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